You will find the latest information about your family here. You can as well help in building this family tree and you can add more to it. 


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You will find the latest information about our Family here. If you are an Abdayem, don't hesitate to contact us, your roots are here and you should be on this tree. Join us please.

Our mission

Who don't like to know about history, at least his own family, about his own orign, the place of his great great grand father and mother, who don't like to know his own relatives, and where are they in this world, their talents and succes stories, who don't like to let his grand grand children knows about himself and what he accomplished in life, maybe leave a message or a wisdom to use in their future...

Why we are building this family tree?

You will find the latest information about Abdayem family here. About your origin ansestors and relatives all around the world

Changing future